Curvy Zelma paralyzed the network in a low-cut black leatherette mini dress

Host and singer, artistically known as . is referred to as curvy zelmaTaught fashion, style and fashion classes for plus size women. through your account instagram She shared some pictures of what she wore Low-Cut Black Leatherette Mini Dress With which she paralyzed social networks and confirmed herself as a true fashionista, as she showed that apparel is indeed a girl’s best friend.

Also 31-year-old actress who has been a morning colleague”happy come” and was the winner of the first season of “I Want to Sing”, gives style classes for women ShapelyAnd has established herself as an example of self-love and confidence to many people who feel insecure about their figure, as she shows off with each outfit she publishes on her network that shape and fashion. There is no difference in .

Curvy Zelma in a bubbly mini dress

The presenter conquered thousands of her followers on the Meta platform with a clip in which she showed two snapshots with a perfect look to highlight her beauty and curvy silhouette. He is seen showing off in the pictures short dress in leather or leatheretteA design that has become a favorite of famous people for fall, as it is the best trend not to use natural materials.

Curvy exudes beauty and style. Photo: IG @curvyzelma

“A black dress can’t be missing in your wardrobe. It’s versatile and timeless. You can wear it with a shirt underneath, a long-sleeved blouse, less accessories, more accessories. It’s a basic garment that suits any Looks great with shoes”, Hua Yun Ki cheremo He came up with the publication on the social network, in which he has 732 thousand followers, to whom he constantly gives fashion advice.

in images zelma Shared with her thousands of fans, she can be seen posing from a bedroom, which shows off her curvy silhouette black leather dress who is unique to his style smallWhich combines a deep “V” neckline with a short skirt that sits at the waist and is slightly looser at the hips, the perfect outfit to wear to a casual event and dazzle.

Zelma Cherem falls in love with her mini outfit. Photo: IG @curvyzelma

Zelma, who was also a presenter on the show “Viva la Tarde” and a participant in “Survivor”, adds more followers to the network every day, with whom she constantly shows off her best outfits and Teaches fashion classes for plus size girlsConfirming that she isn’t afraid to try out the hottest designs, not just in bikinis or swimsuits, as she has demonstrated with this short dress and more looks small which has been seen.

The host and influencer has already positioned himself as a style icon and as an example of self esteem, which is why he is admired and loved by thousands of fans, who wish to shower him with compliments. Never miss opportunities and remind them that she is a very beautiful woman. Beautiful and immensely talented, as she did with her most recent publication showing off her black outfit which garnered her hundreds of comments and over 27 thousand “likes”.

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