Curvy Zelma paralyzes Instagram with olive green minidress that hails her as the sexiest on the social network

this afternoon, Zelma Cherem better known as “curvy zelma“They looked at social networks when wearing a fitted minidress olive green, which, in addition to highlighting her figure, crowned her as the Best Dressed on Instagram, showing that autumn is not over yet and it is still time to take advantage of the colors of the season, such as Dark green and brown.

really, Beautiful Influencer just 31 years old She is usually a trend on Instagram because of her outfits, which in addition to affirming her as a style icon, makes her an example of self-love, as it shows that girls are beautiful at any size and fashion Can join the trend. of your weight

Do you love the look of Curvy Zelma?

Well, a fair share of the fame of Zelma Cherem It comes from her body breaking stereotypes, and despite the fact that it was highly criticized at first, the influencer saw a way to turn said criticism around to include it in a positive body, this way Kind modified negative adjectives and turned them into something real. and sensuous, giving rise to its already distinctive nickname: curvy zelmaWhich has established him as an icon on the social network.

However, these digital platforms have not always agreed curvy zelmaEvidence of this is TikTok, a social network that recently censored a photo of her exercising for allegedly “breaking the rules”, resulting in the image showing tiny bits of her That’s how fat-homing the network can be.

“I saw many pictures of girls, I have nothing against them, with great bodies, in a thong, in a bra, and some doing yoga without a bra, but isn’t that breaking the rules? No! What happens is that a girl with cellulite breaks the rules with fat guys, because it’s not pretty to look at,” he said. Zelma Cherem On Marco Antonio Regil’s podcast.

Curvy Zelma knows how to pair her outfit with the sexiest footwear

But, returning to the lady born on August 2, 1991, it should be noted that it was complemented with accessories in golden tones, which, in addition to detailing the outfit in warm tones, served to divide the figure. used to do. women. Beautiful guest host of “Venga La Alegria”,

with shoes, curvy zelma She opted for black sandals, which contrasted with the rest of her outfit and gave her final look an elegant and sexy touch, turning her into a sensuous bombshell and showing that she is one of the most beautiful presenters of the moment.

Even Curvy Zelma’s Accessories Are Great for the Season

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