Curvy Zelma seduces in tight fishnet look and miniskirt

curvy zelma She surprised millions of her fans on social networks with a retro look, with which she fascinated. in their official accounts Instagram and Facebook The driver shared a series of pictures of See that he took to the concert of 2000 pop tourso he chose a youth ensemble in which he combined fitted fishnet bodysuitWho? mini skirt and blue animal print top, and black high platform ankle boots.

The actress, also the winner of the first season of Venga la Alegria’s reality show “I Want to Sing”, in which she has been seen as a judge in recent times, gives style classes for women ShapelyAnd has positioned herself as an example of self-esteem and confidence for the many people who feel insecure about their figures, as she shows with each outfit she publishes on her network that size and fashion struggle. I am not

Curvy Zelma dazzles in miniskirt and top look

The 31-year-old presenter stood out on the meta platform with a series of photographs, in which she showed herself in a sensuous and daring pose, with which she highlighted her curvaceous figure. In the image, she is seen posing with style in front of a lighted window, which made a stark contrast with her outfit, ideal to dazzle her followers, who flooded her with compliments and “likes”. Gave.

The curvy 200s return with a flirty look of miniskirts and fishnet bodysuits. Photo: IG @curvyzelma

“2000 Vibes (Vibras 2000)” Very Top Ankle Boots @stevemaddenmx This style comes on as a trend we’re going to start seeing it in all the brands you’ll see. Get yours before they’re gone. #GenSteve #stevemaddenmx #curvyzelma #curvylovers #ootd #moda #fashion #style #2000 #cool, it was like Zelma CheremThe real name of the influencer and model, with publication on Instagram.

ShapelyThe one who has 732,000 followers on Instagram, who never misses a chance to fill it with “likes” and comments with beautiful words, stood at the concert awaited by the generation of the 2000s. See of mini skirt and crop top, a blue dress with an animal print which she teamed with a fitted fishnet bodysuitBecause it is seen that her socks go till the stomach and neckline.

in the pictures Zelma Shared with her thousands of followers, she can be seen flaunting her retro outfit to the max, which she accessorised with a baby braidAs the short tops worn by the presenter are called, which have gained a lot of strength in this 2022, but it is a trend that was a favorite of all celebrities more than 20 years ago.

Cherem conquered the network with his style and beauty. Photo: IG @curvyzelma

ZelmaWho was also a presenter in the show “Viva la Tarde” and a participant in “Survivor”, every day she adds more followers to the network, with whom she constantly shows off her best outfits and teaches fashion classes for girls. big sizeProving that she is not afraid to try on the most revealing designs, not just in bikinis or swimsuits, as she demonstrated with the colorful dress she wore to a concert with 2000s artists .

The host and influencer has already established herself as a style icon and an example of self-love, which is why she is adored and loved by thousands of fans who shower her with compliments. Let’s not give up and remind her that she is very beautiful and very talented.

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Photo: Curvy Zelma turns on the network with only a T-shirt

Curvy Zelma stuns the net in tight black bodysuit and sheer dress

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