Curvy Zelma shows off her figure in a tiny bikini and wins the network

plus size girls can be found here curvy zelma as a fashion guru, as she is one of those celebrities who break beauty stereotypes, as she recently did Show off your figure in a short bikini, As expected, the actress and singer conquered the network by crowning herself as the queen of style, as she created different designs that made her silhouette stand out, hence the popularity of her followers on digital platforms. Praised.

zelma cheremoVaenga is also the real name of La Alegria’s colleague, a connoisseur of fashion, as she demonstrates on her social networks where she always looks on trend, for this reason she has been the image of various brands, this time she collaborates with a did swimwear company who invited her to be part of their catwalk to present their most recent collection, so the influencer also took the opportunity to show off some behind-the-scenes moments.

Curvy Zelma wins in bikini

In his stories on his Instagram account, zelma He let his more than 732 thousand followers see a little bit of what he experienced this Friday afternoon while attending the catwalk. Also, he showed off some of the looks he was wearing and in a publication he left everyone captivated as he replied to a video in which he is seen wearing a flirtatious outfit. white bikini And with the print, with which she highlighted her curves and once again showed that size and two-piece swimsuits are not in contention, so they can be used by anyone.

Driver shows off his curves in a bikini Photo: Screenshot

Clip shared with text by company CAMIMARE “This is the real body” (this is the real body), show curvy zelmaTogether, another model is wearing her swimsuit. While her partner showed off a full design, the singer fell in love with her two-piece swimsuit, which stood out for her top as well as ribbons on the sides for her panties. halter neckline, With which, without a doubt, she was crowned the queen of beach style.

Similarly, the fashion influencer also showed The second swimsuit, this design completed, So he taught an alternative for girls who are more sensible. This piece was striking because of its green color and because it had some balls On the shoulders which gave a more glamorous touch to the garment. thus, curvy zelma Unveiled many ways to look great on beach or pool days.

This isn’t the first time TV Azteca’s young talent shows off her silhouette in a tiny bikini, as on other occasions she’s shown that even plus-size women can look great wearing these clothes that break through beauty stereotypes, because It is generally recommended that girls of strong complexion hide their body parts, however, Cherum has shown that this is not a rule.

Curvy Zelma showed off the full swimsuit photo: Screenshot

The former “Survivor” participant gets more followers every day on the network, with whom she constantly shows off her best outfits and teaches fashion classes for plus size girls, confirming that she’s the hottest, not just in bikinis. Not afraid to try out the designs. Or swimsuits, short dresses, miniskirts and elegant gala outfits, with which it generated hundreds of positive reactions.

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