Cynthia Klitbo reacts to the breakup of Niurka and Juan Vidal

  • A few days ago, Niurka Marcos announced her breakup with Juan Vidal.

  • Cynthia Klitbow assured that Niurka Marcos must be going through a rough time and added that she deserves something better than Vidal.

In an interview for the program First Hand, the actress commented that she would not speak out against ‘Scandal Woman’ as she knows she is going through a complicated situation after their breakup.

“I haven’t attacked her, nor will I attack her because I believe in female witchcraft and women supporting each other and I know that, deep down, she’s not having a good time. All I wish for her is that she finds a person who truly deserves her.” apparent.

“Despite the fact that sometimes she’s crazy and busted and busted and whatever you want, the truth is, she’s a very dedicated and very passionate woman. Not that I’m going to tell her : ‘Call me if you need anything’, but my respect for all women above anything else”commented.

Regarding Juan Vidal, Famous insists that she feels deeply sorry for him for “psychological problems” which he has not noticed, hoping that he will soon enter therapy to resolve his internal conflicts. Will go

“I sincerely wish that one day he can enter therapy because he too needs to know as a person that he can become a better person. I am not saying that he is a bad person, but he Gives me compassion, that’s all I can say.”He concluded.

Recall that, at the time, Cynthia Klitbo condemned that Juan Vidal had mentally tortured her and even asked her for money when they were together, even That audio was also leaked where the Dominican could be heard arguing with the actress.

Cynthia Klitbo

Following these statements, Niurka warns Klitbo that if he continues to speak ill of his then-partner, he will “go for Juggler” and even call him a madman.

“We’re going to reply to that ma’am very quickly, but I want you to imagine in your mental jacket for a moment that I’m going to apologize to anyone except that Pendage”. He recently said in one of his Instagram stories.

Nirka will not apologize

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