Cynthia Rodriguez: 3 trendy bikinis with which she gives style class

Cynthia Rodriguez Has become a benchmark for women who are in their 30s because of their way of dressing and confirms it with every look they show on their official network accounts, but there is no doubt that they are theirs The trendy bikini with which she gives style class, The dress with which she conquers her millions of followers by showing off her curvy silhouette, garnered thousands of “likes”.

beautiful wife of Charles Riverawhom she married a few months ago on a romantic trip to Europe, “is one of the former hosts of.”happy come” Joe continues to conquer the digital platform, although it is no longer the morning, a program he left to spend more time with his family, so he is now accompanied by the singer of “I Was Waiting For You”. seen on more occasions.

Cynthia Rodriguez captivates in bikini

Rodriguez is very active in his official accounts, especially in instagramA platform on which she has 4.1 million followers, who never miss an opportunity to fill her with praise and hearts, showing that she is one of the favorites on the network, where she managed to carve a niche as a fashion icon Ever since she is one of those celebrities who love to wear the best trends of every season.

Cynthia dazzles with her beauty and style. Photo: IG @cynoficial

The singer and actress dazzles with her looks to her millions of followers, and whether they’re the ones at the beach or the pool with of style classesWell Cynthia Don’t be afraid to try out different designs, from the most classic to neutral colors, such as black or white. modern Those that are distinctive for their prints, such as animal prints, or sets that have glitter applications, as well as those that stand out for their ruffles that give a touch of freshness.

The business woman is also crowned as one of the most attractive celebrities, because with her looks Bikini Shows that she knows how to take advantage of trends, and also shows off her curvy silhouette, which is loved by millions of her fans, who never miss the opportunity to leave her a flattering message in their publications, receiving hundreds of comments and receive in the thousands. “Like”. ,

The former VLA host imposes fashion with her bikini. Photo: IG @cynoficial

Rodriguez38, gained popularity in the middle of the show after his time on the reality show “La Accademia”, in which he was a member of the fourth generation when he was 21 years old, a version won by Erasmo Caterino and another by singer Euridia. found the place; While the original from Monclova, Coahuila finished fourth, but although she was not crowned the winner, she was chosen by the producers for various projects.

From 2005 to the present day, the now former host of the morning show “Venga la Alegria”, where she shared a stage with Laura G., Crystal Silva, Annette Kuburu, Patricio Borghetti and Sergio Sepulveda, has become one of the public’s favorites on television. Is. , and in addition to her career as a singer, she has also tried as an actress in some soap operas such as: “Se Busca un Hombre”, “A Corazon Aberta”, “Los Rey” and “Las Malcridas”. .

The singer and actress boasts of a stunning body by the beach. Photo: IG @cynoficial

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