Cynthia Rodriguez strikes natural poses, boasts a great body at age 38

This Thursday, November 17th, the beautiful television host, Cynthia Rodriguez She became the talk of the entertainment industry after she shared a story on her Instagram profile, in which she claimed her natural beauty was reason enough for her followers to surrender to her figure.

In front of his millions of followers on Instagram, the former host of “come joeyShe shared a short video of herself looking prettier than ever while doing a complex exercise routine. Her fans were in awe of how good she looked without makeup.

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Cynthia Rodriguez shows off her natural beauty

Despite the fact that he is currently away from any television project, Cynthia Rodriguez He continues to appear as one of the foremost show business stars and this is reflected in his millions of followers on Instagram who surrender to each and every post he uploads.

It was just before her more than four million fans where the “La Academia” alumnus shared a short video of her performing an exercise routine. What grabbed the most attention was the fact that she was wearing a tight dress that exposed her figure. Moreover, she flaunted her beautiful face without a single drop of makeup.

Recent publication of As expected Cynthia Rodriguez This did not go unnoticed as within minutes it went viral in different entertainment media. all fans agreed that the wife of carlos rivera It is one of the most beautiful today.

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Cynthia Rodriguez, What do you do after you leave VLA?

a few months ago, Cynthia Rodriguez Shocked the entire entertainment industry by announcing he would be taking a long leave to pursue some personal goals like getting married carlos rivera And find her first child.

upon his return”come joeyThe famous lady born in Coahuila confirmed that she would leave the morning show as she would like to focus on her personal life. She strongly denied that she would leave the ranks tv azteca Because it was speculated that he might join the ranks of the morning newspaper “Hoy”.

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After 3 years at VLA, Laura G leaves TV Azteca and claims her new destination

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