Cynthia Rodriguez turns on the network with a natural photo, this is how her husband Carlos Rivera reacted

Cynthia Rodriguezformer driver of happy comestole everyone’s eyes on social networks after she shared a few pictures in which she flaunted her natural beauty without a single drop of makeup, reason enough for her husband, Charles RiveraWas present in the publication and dedicated a romantic message that did not go unnoticed.

During this year, the alumni of Academy She has been on the cover of various entertainment media after marrying the famous interpreter of “Recuérdame”. Also he surprised all the followers of TV Aztec Confirming that he would not continue as part of the cast of Venga la Alegria, as he sought to accomplish other personal goals.

Although not currently screened on the small screen, Cynthia Rodriguez She keeps close to her millions of followers with every post she makes on Instagram, a platform on which she shows that fashion is a part of her day-to-day as she always looks great.

Cynthia Rodriguez is naturally made

A few moments ago, before his more than four million followers on Instagram, Cynthia Rodriguez She became a sensation by posing several times as she did light make-up which exposed the freckles on her face. Internet users were fascinated to know a little more about him.

Photo: Instagram/@cynoficial

Making it clear that fashion is part of her day-to-day life, the former driver of happy come Created a beautiful colored sweater that hailed her as a true beauty queen and was told by her followers, who assured her that she looks incredible with the type of clothing that fits her.

As expected, the 38-year-old model’s recent appearance went unnoticed by her husband, Carlos Rivera, in the fourth season of Who is the masquerade as the current investigator? He was present with a romantic message which immediately went viral.

In the publication the famous actor and singer wrote, “In love with your freckles”.

Photo: Instagram/@cynoficial

Cynthia Rodriguez and Carlos Rivera’s wedding

A few months ago, after taking a long vacation to the best destinations in Europe and Africa, Cynthia Rodriguez You Charles Rivera They confirmed that they took the next step in their relationship by starring in a romantic wedding that reportedly took place in Spain. Apparently only the friends and relatives of the bride and groom attended the ceremony.

Upon their return to Mexico, the celebrities assured that they are trying to become the parents of their first child, but so far they have not succeeded. It is more and more common for couples to attend public events, something that was practically impossible in their roles as boyfriends.

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