Dangers of Alcohol: Her Young Kids Shaved Her and She Didn’t Even Notice

(Photo: Tiktok) The little ones got their father shaved while drunk

Going out to drink large amounts of alcohol generally brings serious consequences for both health and mental aspects, and can also lead to some accidents or undesirable situations.

The morning after the party will bring with it all kinds of physical and emotional discomfort, which can be ameliorated with good nutrition, hydration, and deep rest, however, there are things that can’t be so easily and lessened when you have kids. .

Horace Rodriguez he’s a mexican that went viral on stage TIC Toc When his drunken night took its toll on him, and those who accuse him were his children, who, in the midst of laughter, made their father quite bald.

This Viral Internet Phenomenon Is More Than Already 23 million views And hundreds of divided comments, as there were users who said these were the result of not setting limits on kids, while others took it with great humor.

,Lady please rent those babies, they better than go double aa Laughing out loud…”; “They robbed her”; “My Hidalgo ready to cry”; You have to take extra care of it, don’t leave it in the care of kids,” commented TikTok users.

The story began when the man had a party night and came home completely drunk, only to later fall into a deep sleep. Even with the noise of a razor on his head, the alcohol did not let him wake up.,

For her part, the wife named Sus Gutierrez He was taking a bath when his kids were getting pranks as they were playing near their father and when he got the razor, he decided to give him a makeover.

The kids turned it on and took advantage of the fact that their father was almost out in bed to give them the first shave, but Horacio didn’t react any further and when his wife came out of the shower, The comic story of Tiktok begins,

Leaving the bathroom, she finds that her husband is sleeping and that their young children are shaving without any problem, so Susie tells them to stop and record the funny moment as seen in the video. where the father seemed quite disorganized and lonely. He was left to laugh at the situation.

In the images Horacio is seen suffering twice, on the one hand due to the irresistible look that his children left with completely shaved areas and the other with long locks on their heads. But other than that, he was still overwhelmed and already drunk the night before.

Then, Susie shares a second part of the story that shows a resigned man, while his mother (the children’s grandmother) passes the machine over his head to fix the mess he left behind.

and that TIC Toc A platform in which funny videos and audios are above all, such is the case The viral sound in which a man is heard saying “Ay Miguel”,

The video has an unimaginable origin, involving two men and a horse, but the audio began to be used in other funny situations such as falls, epic moments of pets, or other videos of risky situations.

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