David Zepeda is back with his ex, but on one condition; Promised her that dad would do it!

  • The actors met in 2009 during the recording of the telenovela ‘El Sortillegio’. Lena worked in the production and David gave life to one of the protagonists, ‘Bruno Damien Albéniz’.
  • His separation was not free from controversy, as he indicated that he had suffered psychological abuse; Although they were single all the time, they kept in touch and resumed their relationship a few months back.

One of the most sought-after leading men, who constantly starred in stellar projects, is David Zepeda49, which is currently telenovela . successfully participating in ‘Overcome absenteeism’, However, the Sonora man is also experiencing a good moment in matters of the heart, as he resumes his relationship with the actress and now a businessman, Leena Radwan, 34. A few days ago we caught the couple walking out of a restaurant located south of Mexico City, even with the actor’s mother; And regarding the details of this love return, as well as the motivations for this reunion, a friend of David told us the following:

-A few days back we caught David with his ex girlfriend Leena Radwan…
“He didn’t want to say that, but she’s no longer his ex, she’s his girlfriend again. Half a year ago they decided to resume the relationship and are very happy together.”

Why don’t you say it openly?
“Remember their turbulent separation at the end of 2018 when she indicated that she would receive some sort of psychological abuse from her, and all that has been said about David’s bisexuality, though she denies it, so now They prefer to keep this return a secret and say that they are just friends.

– How did they come back?
“They didn’t stop seeing each other because of the two dogs they were rescued from the road several years ago, and when the breakup happened, David kept them, so he had to agree with Lena to take them over and go with them. Could walk; thanks to those pets, he never lost touch.”

-But how did the reconciliation happen as a couple?
“In these three years of separation, neither of them had a second relationship, and in a certain way after the pandemic and this time, they realized that they were very used to being together, that they had different Had a great time sharing moments, they have a very special affection for each other. And David was inspired by something special. ,

-What are you talking about?
“David is a man who wants to be a father, believes that at 49 he should have already had a son, he has very strong paternal instincts; and he also gives that joy to his mother, Donna Olga. Dena, who has asked her to be his son’s grandmother, and David believes that Lena would be the ideal mother to his children.

David Zepeda is back with his ex, but on one condition;  Promised her that dad would do it!

“Because Lena is a very dedicated, devoted woman; at the end of the day, David knows her very well, and before their separation at the end of 2018, they were in a relationship for almost ten years and, as Let me tell you, he hasn’t been able to have a more stable relationship after that.
breakup, so he considers Lena the ideal woman for this.”

– What does Lena say about it?
“Since they were together, David had already asked her to be parents, but Lena refused to become pregnant because he said that she was still too young, that it was her efforts to pursue a career in acting. and he asked for the same time; however, the situation has changed.”

– Explain to us…
“Lena hasn’t secured job opportunities in the artistic world, and although she continues to do some small things in acting, she is now a successful businesswoman, she has an online clothing store, she gives online courses that How to do business, and at 34 she is ready to get pregnant and become a mother.”

David Zepeda is back with his ex, but on one condition;  Promised her that dad would do it!

-So, did she and David talk about this?
“Yes; before returning, David told him that he wanted to be a father and that he could no longer postpone that wish, which Lena accepted, and that he had always loved her. Lena’s So, being with her is something that makes her very happy and it would be best to have a child, as she also believes that David would be an excellent father.

– And how are you doing with it?
“I know they already try and at any moment they surprise us; she promised to get pregnant, to which she agreed, but what happens is that Lena has used contraceptive methods for many years. and it is not that he
Pregnant overnight, but hopefully it’s soon.”

Are you living together again?
“Before they lived in the same building but each in a different apartment, although they practically lived together for most of the day, but after the breakup, David decided to leave that building and move to another; However, at the end of last year, he bought a huge and luxurious mansion. Lena hasn’t been with him, but she visits him often and they live together.”

David Zepeda is back with his ex, but on one condition;  Promised her that dad would do it!

-How does Lena get along with her mother-in-law, David’s mother?
“Very very well. Donna Olga loves him and is happiest with this return, because she knows that this reconciliation means she will soon have a grandson of David.

-In social networks they do not upload pictures together, except a congratulation that he gave her for her birthday …
“They prefer to handle it more carefully because of the previous scandal … David did not upload an image with her on social networks until last week, when he wanted to congratulate her on her birthday via social network Hopefully soon they will be encouraged to recognize their romance, but the important thing is that they are reunited, that Lena is very happy with this return and David is amazed at it, because now she is finally with him. can become a father.

– When will David recognize to the world and to the media that he has returned?
“Last week he said in an interview at the airport that he is single, and he always says that with Lena he is united only by a great friendship, but of course when she becomes pregnant, he will scream from the roof , and he will specify his big dream as well”.

David Zepeda is back with his ex, but on one condition;  Promised her that dad would do it!

Does he help you with your expenses?
“What I mentioned about her clothing store, she is doing well, but yes, David supports her in what she can and has no problem with that; Even, at the airport a few days ago, he also said that he has always been a Chinese father (a man who keeps or spends money on his partner, usually younger than him) and that it will always be yours. the partner is worth supporting; That if you have a better position and you can help him with something, you always have to build a team”.

-And how is David professionally now?
“So happy; a movie he starred in, Sugar in a Difficulty, is being released in Peru these days, and in Mexico he is one of Televisa’s favorite actors, he finishes one telenovela and is immediately in another He is doing great with the overcome absence, which is on air; the public still regards him as one of the bad guys”, he concluded.

David Zepeda is back with his ex, but on one condition;  Promised her that dad would do it!

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