Dear Heartbeat of “Quincenaira” Came Out of Closet in Serious Health Problems: “I’m Fighting Something Too Strong”

,quinceanera“was one of the Mexican soap operas that made its mark on the public and its actors live on in the memory of those who enjoyed it despite the fact that more than 30 years have passed. Among these celebrities, Sebastian Ligarde stands out who left the limelight five years ago and is currently facing serious health problems.

In 2020, the actor appeared again to talk about the difficulties he faced covid-19 pandemic thinking that he would die, because he was a strong victim Influenza Which he mistook as a virus and it was a matter of great concern because he has heart disease. as well as her husband pneumoniae And he refused to go to a hospital where he would be treated in an area targeted for infected patients, so it was he who took care of him.

Now Ligarde must face a new health problem for youA tumor in the colon. According to entertainment journalist Ines Moreno, he contacts her all the time to update his career and personal life, but this time he refused to interview Arguing that he is not going through a good time.

“I started texting and after several messages that I didn’t answer, I told him: ‘Okay, if you don’t want to reply to me, don’t reply to me’, and he said: ‘No, no, don’t scold me, what happens is that I’m fighting something very strong’And it looks like it’s against a tumor that’s in his colon, I didn’t want to ask for more details, I hope it’s not a tumor fatal”, said the journalist on his YouTube channel.

Sebastian Ligard’s career

Emedi Gerardo Ligarde MayadonAs the full name of the actor, originally from Laredo, Texasand expressed his desire for the world of entertainment from a young age, hence, he started his career with drama “Man’s Eyes” In 1974 and in cinema he made his place in the film “Survivors of the Andes” two years later.

He got a role as Luis in the telenovela “Marionetas”, he was fired before the project started, although he did not give up and then rejoined the cast. “Poor Youth”. However, it was her character as Memo in “Quincenaira” that fueled her career by sharing credits with Thalia, Ernesto LaGuardia, Rafael Rojas and the late actress Adela Noriega.

Sebastian Ligarde will face serious health problems. Photo: IG @bertin2000

Ligard has made over 90 films and 25 films in his career. TV serialBut five years ago he decided to step away from the limelight to focus his efforts on one of his big dreams: a Acting Academy. In 2013 he decided to open up about his sexual orientation and the difficulties he faced for being gay in the 80s and 90s in an industry that would reject him when he came out at the time.

In an interview for TVyNovelas, he revealed that he didn’t say anything about it because it could have affected his career as he was lumped into LGBT characters: “He can be a singer and be gay. , but if you were an actor and said you were gay, you will no longer have the opportunity of a heterosexual character; So for an actor to accept being gay was to put his career on hold.

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