Dear Mexican actor, he went to a work appointment and was murdered, it was his tragic death

this next November 23 has been 6 years of murder actor renato lopez Joe fell into the trap of his killers as he thought he was going on a work appointment but ended up dead in his car with his public relations man next to him who met the same end.

renato lopez He had a fruitful career and was at the helm of the FMA as it was released just 12 days before his assassination. the movie “macho”in which he starred alongside figures of stature Miguel Rodarte, Cecilia Suarez and Aislin Derbez among many others.

What happened to Renato Lopez?

As we mentioned at the beginning of this note, it 23 november it’s been six years without renato lopezand it is that, the last time anyone knew anything about the actor, it was the afternoon of that day, but Year 2016.

Renato Apart from premiering the aforementioned film, he was also becoming successful as a presenter as the green-eyed young man gained popularity for his work as a conductor. I! Entertainment.

Due to the above, it was not unusual renato lopez He had more and more job offers, so a few days before his murder, the actor was approached by two people who offered him to run an advertising campaign for a real estate company.

like it very much renato lopezJade likes Omar Giron is their public relations officer They reached a point in the state of Mexico where they agreed to meet the people who would take their lives, everything was going well until the actor and his friend were taken to another point where theyThey were spluttering.

It was through security cameras that the authorities learned that the killer Renato Lopez and Omar Girón They were traveling in a black van.

Why was Renato Lopez killed?

According to officials who announced in April of the year 2019 motive of murder renato lopez was due to a crime of passion, because the actor “manlyHe had an affair with the girlfriend of one of the killers.

By reason of the foregoing, the defendant, on seeing a photograph of Renato With this woman he was filled with rage and ordered the actor to be killed; Those responsible are already serving sentences 55 years in prison.

a year and a half after the death of Renato Lopez, who was his girlfriend Alexandra Ivanisevic She announced that she had an affair with someone who was one of the late actor’s best friends; In 2019 they got married and 2022 They announced that they are expecting their first child, however, the young woman occasionally posts a photo next to the actor.

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