DearMoon, the first lunar sightseeing tour, announces its crew members

DJ Steve Aokik-pop musician choi seung-hyun And this youtuber Tim Dodd They are part of the crew of the ‘Dearmoon’ project, which is being led by Japanese businessman Yusaku Maezawa and scheduled for 2023,

Apart from businessmen more than one million users wanted to be a part of the crew which has eight members and two reserves. Meizawa hopes this experience will come in handy enhance creative abilities Transfer members and experience to their creations.

mission includes a Week-long trip around the Moon on SpaceXHowever, the launch date may be delayed as the Starship spacecraft has not yet been cleared for a trip around the Earth and a flight to the Moon.

On the other hand, the other crew members are Irish photographers rhiannon adam and British Karim IlyaAmerican film producer Brendan Hall and Indian actors Dev D. Joshi, In addition, American snowboarding Olympic medalist Kaitlyn Farrington and Japanese dancer Miyu are reserves in case a crew cannot make the trip.

Each team member was briefly quoted in a video on the YouTube channel Dearmoon, similarly, Maizawa will bear the cost of the lunar mission,

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