Definitive Proof That Ben Affleck Is Not Happier With Jennifer Lopez

After months of their official marriage, which has been covered in many rumors of separation, several sources close to them have revealed a test which will reveal that the actor, producer and screenwriter ben affleck He is not happy with his wife, actress and singer Jennifer Lopez.

It looks like things aren’t going great for the marriage between Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, as fans assure the director and producer of the film ‘Argo’ Looks very sad in the relationship.

The reason that is leading fans and followers of the couple to this theory is related to previous videos that Jennifer Lopez has shared on her social networks, specifically on her official account TIC Toc, in which Affleck’s gestures sparked rumors of potential trouble.

There are thousands of users of the social network who make sure that the gestures of the hero ‘Batman’ They don’t get along with anyone happy in their marriage. In contrast, he has little interest according to fans of “Bronx Diva” While others declare that he looks really sad and without spirits.

amid critical comments on the relationship of “Bennifer” Social networks include:

“This relationship is a complete joke”, “He looks so boring!”, “Ben winks if you need help”, “Why does Ben always look so sad?” On the contrary, some netizens were supportive of the couple with the thoughts, “Why are people so ashamed to let people find out who their person is?”

And you, what do you think is really happening between the wedding Jennifer Lopez why ben affleck,

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