Dennis Tito, the first space tourist, bought Elon Musk tickets for him and his wife to travel around the Moon

Space travel was until recently reserved exclusively for well-trained astronauts. But it seems that this is already a thing of the past after commercial space missions inspiration4 What happened to SpaceX last year.

13 months after this first launch of manned travel with unmanned people in space, SpaceX has announced two out of ten passengers They will be on their second commercial spacecraft aboard the Starship spacecraft.

Son Dennis and Akiko Tito, a billionaire couple who didn’t want to be told how much the ticket cost them (though it certainly wasn’t cheap). Space tourist Dennis Tito (82 years old) was already on the International Space Station in 2001, but with this mission he will For cislunar space. For his part, his wife Akiko Tito will be one of the “first women to fly around the Moon in a spacecraft”.

On the Starship, passengers will be located 200 kilometers from Earth’s natural satellite for a week. However, by the time this happens, the spacecraft will have already approached the Moon three times: the first will be a demonstration of Polaris Project and another an official trade mission called ‘Dear Moon’.

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Dennis and Akiko both won physical and cognitive tests Which will allow them to be a part of space flight. It still doesn’t have a release date and could take years to complete, so the health of the previously announced crew members could change.

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