Dhanna paola kisses a dancer and her boyfriend alex hoyer reacts

Dhanna Paola kisses a dancer during a concert. Photo: Getty Images

without a doubt, tour XT4S1S Dhanna Paola has given us a lot to talk about besides Great performance by Mexican singer on stage, through social networks the moment in which The young artist kissed one of his dancers during a concert.

many fans of the singer He thought this gesture could be considered infidelitySince Dhanna Paola is in a romantic relationship even with the singer for a long time alex hoyerwho can whenever show unconditional support and love What’s up with the singer?

Alex says that he has no objection to Dhanna and her dancer kissing. Photo: Getty Images

on the other hand, you Alex Hoyer was asked if he knew about the kiss between dancer and Dhanna Paola during one of the live performances of XT4S1S Tour, Even then, The singer clarified that it is not a big problem for him that his girlfriend behaves like this during their introduction, Since they get along well and have great communication,

“Look, this is the show. Love is love and nobody interferes. Jealous, no. You have to be sure, communication is so important for these things. Dhanna is having fun and that’s the most important thing, she Happy, she’s having an incredible time on her show and if a kiss comes out, well, let it come out, nothing happens.

alex hoyer

The moment Dhanna Paola kisses one of her dancers

It should be noted that This is not the first time that Dhanna Paola has kissed one of her dancers.from a few months ago created a stir on stage for the same reason,

Even then, The relationship between singers Alex Hoyer and Dhanna Paola just keeps going strong Since it was confirmed in April of this year, though there were rumors that they have been romantically linked since 2020.

recently, Alex Hoyer expresses desire to marry Dhanna Paola And even to have children and start a family. obsessed singer Assures that he is ready to marry the interpreter of “Bad Fame”. And this thought does not leave his mind.

“Of course I want to get married, but like I always tell you, right now we’re super, super focused, him on his career and I on mine,” she once remarked.

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