Did Canelo lvarez drive Grupo Firme from his daughter’s XV-year party?

Michael B. After making his debut in the trailer for “Creed III” with Jordan, Saul “Canelo” Alvarez has been accused of drinking and driving members of Grupo Firma from his daughter’s XV-year party.

Saúl ‘Canelo’ lvarez is in the global spotlight, not because of his talent as a boxer or his recent appearance in the first trailer. Creed III, where he meets Michael B. Will share credit with Jordan. This time it is a rumor that has gained strength in hours, as it indicates that The Mexican boxer visits the members of Grupo Firme during the XV year party of his daughter Emilie Cinnamon Alvarez.

According to a report from the TV show windowingHosted by Pati Chapoy, Pedro Sola, Daniel Bisogno and Monica Castaneda, Emily Cinnamon Alvarez’s celebration went as planned, which included Grupo Firme was hired to provide music for the party until … alcohol came into the equation and reportedly triggered the boxer’s annoyance with his guests.

It looks like ‘Canelo’ in ‘Creed III’ movie.

“He paid 3.5 million pesos for the XV years of his daughter”Bisogno revealed during the broadcast, but it was Pati Chapoy who put Saul Alvarez’s annoyance on the table: “But they accused him of driving them, didn’t they? Since he drugged them, they didn’t like Grupo Firme’s behavior”,

According to the television hosts, Tessa Thompson’s co-stars, Jonathan Majors, Florian Munteanu and Phylicia Rashad, did not agree with the musicians’ response that they had a few too many drinks and decided to expel them from their party, as well as calling them out. In addition to contemptuously: “And he took them out and told the guests the ball of freeloaders”Bisogno assured.

“Best thing that could have happened to me 15 years ago. I love you, my daughter, always be so happy,” the boxer wrote to celebrate his daughter.

for the time being ‘Canelo’ has not shared a position regarding alleged hatred during his daughter’s XV-year party And it culminated in the sudden abandonment of his guests, Grupo Firme, after his bad behavior.

Saul Alvarez with Grupo Firma in the XV years of his daughter.

While this is resolved, don’t forget that SEl Alvarez to debut as an actor in Hollywood’s big leagues Creed III, a film directed by Jordan himself with a screenplay by Ryan Coogler and Zack Bellin. Furthermore, this production has sparked a strong discussion about the whereabouts of Rocky Balboa. ,Sylvester Stallone,There are people who assure that the character died and we never found out. The third installment of the Creed saga will arrive on March 2, 2023.

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