Did Crush audition in front of BTS? Soloist reveals herself in a new show

Renowned solo artist Crush has finally returned after a long period of rest due to his mandatory military enlistment in South Korea. Crush immediately returned to his original job as a singer after being fired from his duties. He performed at various venues as a special guest and also attended multiple college festivals. It was after that that he announced his new single, Rush Hour feat. J-Hope from BTS. Music lovers were more than happy to hear and see the unique collaboration between the two artists.

The colaboration

The best part of Rush Hour was the incredible camaraderie between Crush and BTS’s J-Hope. Fans were beyond excited to learn that Hobi would not only be featured in the song, but also star in the official music video. In addition, the floor dance challenge has also become a new trend, and several people participated in it. Since then, people have also asked Crush about working with J-Hope on the project and how the duo crossed paths. Recently, the soloist appeared on Knowing Bros, a popular variety show in which he revealed that the BTS member had contacted him to sing a congratulatory song at his sister Jiwoo’s wedding.

interview details

The P Nation artist looked back on the moment in May 2021 and talked about singing his most beloved song, titled Beautiful, from the popular K-drama Guardian: The Lonely and Great God or Goblin. However, he was nervous about the same thing and felt that he was auditioning for it. According to Crush, singing in front of stars like BTS members made him feel like he was there to show off his skills. This revelation made by Crush made the other artists on the show laugh out loud.

Rush hour

Speaking of Crush Hour, the digital single is from Crush’s fourth mini-album titled With Her. Speaking of the long-awaited song, it was released on September 22, 2022. There’s no denying that it’s a magic number that has a sense of creativity and brings the charm of not one but two versatile artists: BTS’s J-Hope and Shred. . Speaking of the song, it’s an upbeat track with funky beats that channels some top-notch artistry on the table.

We also get hints of inspiration from BTS’s J-Hope’s official debut solo album, Jack in the Box, from the opening beats of the new track. It makes us wonder if the two creations were made in sync with each other.

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