Did Oscar Isaac Confirm Moon Knight’s Return With Season 2?

Fans have been more than happy with Oscar Isaac’s performance since the release of the first season of moon knight. Also, everyone was hopeful for the character’s return to the MCU again. While the show’s second season has yet to be confirmed, Isaac reportedly teased the same thing during one of his recent appearances at New York Comic Con while talking about his character on the show.

Moon Knight Details

For the inexperienced, Marvel reportedly promoted moon knight initially as a limited series and also eschewed the six-episode season tie-ins with the larger MCU. However, fans were left baffled when the show’s sixth and final episode introduced a third personality, Jack Lockley, implying that Moon Knight’s story will continue and that they will return for a second season. As mentioned above, the study has not yet confirmed the same. Speaking of Oscar Isaac, he had an interesting response when asked about the same thing.

The actor’s response

Oscar Isaac joked in typical Marvel fashion at his recent Comic-Con appearance, reportedly saying, “Are you looking at a season 2? All I can say is that it’s not the last we’ve heard about the Moon Knight system.” Not only Isaac, but also Jeremy Slater, the head writer of Moon Knight, he also shared a similar sentiment earlier when talking about the possibility of season 2 with a mention that the story is definitely not finished.

marvel plans

For the inexperienced, Marvel has announced multiple upcoming projects over the next few years, and there’s a chance that Oscar’s Moon Knight will also be a part of one of the projects. According to numerous fan speculations, netizens are of the opinion that Isaac’s superhero may appear in Sword with Mahershala Ali, given that the latter shares similar supernatural overtones.

moon knight

The first season of moon knight introduced us to Isaac, who played the character of Marc Spector, a person with dissociative identity disorder who must work with his alter Steven Grant, the Egyptian god Khonsu, and the love of his life, Layla, to prevent the rise of another goddess. Egyptian, Ammit. .

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