Did Shakira settle with Gerard Pique? His mother Nidia Ripoll assures they are still family.

even if the race Shakira He is going through one of the peak moments with his recent success “Monotony”, something that has changed the course of his life these days is the health condition of his 91-year-old father, William Mebarak. The Colombian’s father was hospitalized and the football player has been seen very close to Barranquilla, which is why it is speculated in the network that to solve Thief Gerard Piquébecause its too breast of singer Assured that kale is still part of him family,

A few days ago this news was shared that . father of William Mebarak Shakira He was suddenly admitted to a hospital in Barcelona when his health deteriorated, due to which he has been hospitalized for several days. Since then he has received the singer’s support in addition to taking care of his wife, Nadia Ripoll, Paparazzi cameras have captured the central Bluegrana in the home of the Tecanon clinic and Barranquillera, although it has been breast Colombian who confirmed that Gerard Piqué He has gone to the hospital to meet his former father-in-law.

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