Digital Banks That Give Money: These Are The Institutions That Reward You For Inviting Friends

Do you want to earn money and don’t know how? In case you don’t know, there are banking institutions online If your friend opens an account with the same bank that you have, they give you money. From 20 Bits we leave you something:


Bnext offers customers to create a free account without terms or conditions, allows you to send or receive money internationally, is a system cash back And there is a referral system. This service is used for the purpose of inviting family or friends get five euros for each,


It is possible to combine all cards from the curve into one, in addition, 100 can be added.If we talk about economic benefits, then those interested have a choice Get five free euros for every friend you invite Via a referral URL. The guest must link a card to your service and make a purchase with no minimum amount.


Rebellion also offers similar features to Bnext, however, the most outstanding feature is that ATM withdrawals are free.

It also provides a system of referral links, i.e., if a user opens a Rebellion account with the indicated link, two lucky ones will get five euros if a purchase is made for more than ten euros, Invitations are unlimited and there is a maximum profit of 500 euros through this method.

The increase in the use of QR codes has also led to an increase in scams using this technology.


Revolut allows you to create bank accounts without fees or conditions, offers interbank exchange of up to 150 currencies, and guarantees customer discounts and cash back on certain brands.

Revolut often starts promoting Earn up to 40 euros for each friend Guest. To do this, the person in question must register with a specific invite link, deposit funds into his account, ask for his physical card and make three transactions of five euros each.


You can create a smart account to send money in any currency, make purchases around the world and implement a referral system by which you 60 euro discount on transfers,

When registering with the link in question, the recipient will have to transfer up to 500 GBP, thus receiving 60 euros when three friends send more than 250 euros.

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