Disney creates AI tool for movies that makes actors look young (or old)

Disney researchers develop anti-aging or rejuvenating device transform people Thanks to a neural network.

This innovation has been named ‘Fran’ (Face Re-Aging Network or Facial Age Change Network, for its short name), that can be used in film or television recording, provides a process of automatic age resetand employs neural networks and machine learning.

Research indicates that “the first method for FRAN Provide high resolution aging results and temporally stabilized in videos that show faces in different expressions and under conditions of free perspective, depth, motion, and illumination”.

The tool offers realistic aging in the range of 18 and 35 years, and within a matter of hours or minutes, a person can be aged. fran still presents some difficulties In a much younger setting and major makeover, given that his employment is for entertainment purposes.

Disney says it created a database with thousands of random faces, used machine learning tools to target underage and underage users, and The results were used to train the neural network,

When FRAN receives a picture, instead of creating an image of a transformed face, Predicts which parts of the face will change with ageAnd those effects are superimposed on top of the original face as an additional layer.

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