Distressed son scammed by WhatsApp: “Mom, my phone is broken, I need a transfer”

Some cyber criminals are sending messages on WhatsApp Posing as the children of his victims, as reported by the National Police on Twitter. With the scam, the attackers attempt to get the mothers who fall into the trap to transfer money to their supposed descendants.

The excuse used by scammers to dupe users is that their mobile phone is broken and The previous number has been blocked and the one they text from is the new one, If the victim asks to talk via phone call, the cyber criminals will ignore it and continue talking via text messages.

As per the fake conversation shared by the National Police, The attacker asks the victim to pay by bank transfer Because at that time they do not have the card nearby. If the mother is in a trap, she cannot refuse to lend some money to her son, especially if he gives an assurance that he will repay it as soon as possible.

When the user accepts, the cyber criminal sends all the details regarding the account to which the transfer should be sent: IBAN, name, amount of funds and reference. In particular, the message shown on Twitter by the National Police shows that the attacker asks to send 2,900 Euros, although the amount may vary,

The recommended thing in these cases is to block the account outright and not give it a chance to interact. better than users text or call your child to make sure they still have your phone number And don’t transfer someone if you’re not sure they really are who they say they are.

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