Do you have a Windows computer? Microsoft has exposed you to malware attacks for 3 years

Users with Windows operating system computers have been for about three years at risk of being infected by malware, A bug in the Microsoft drivers caused them to stop working properly and a vulnerability existed.

In particular, the controller or drivers they are the ones who act as middlemen software And this hardware external, such as printer, graphics card, webcam, etc. These files, in order to perform their function, must access the kernel of the computer, that is, the kernel of the operating system.

It is important that all drivers are protected for such communication to be secure. When a driver encounters a security error, cybercriminals have access to and control the computer.

According to Ars Technica, Windows users are vulnerable Not updating your Windows Update block list Who is responsible for adding and checking new drivers to make sure they are safe. uses microsoft Hypervisor-protected code integrity ,Here) on many devices for this feature, but it seems that the system has not worked properly for the past three years.

Will Dorman, senior vulnerability analyst at ANALYGENCE, said loading a malicious driver onto a Windows device was not difficult. Specifically, cyber security experts highlighted ‘Winner0’ who was included in the block list D Windows Update.

According to the analysis professional, The system list hasn’t been updated since 2019So computers running Microsoft software were more vulnerable.

The new Windows 11 update will be affected by WiFi access points.

After admitting the error, the company’s project manager Jeffrey Sutherland reported that they are working on solving problems Their “service procedure that prevented devices from receiving updates to our policy.”

However, Sutherland did not specify the reason for the error. Here Nor how many teams would have been affected.

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