Do you know what ‘WiFi eavesdropping’ is? If you connect to public network you have to do this

Cyber ​​security experts never stop recommending that we use public WiFi networks as much as possible and use mobile data whenever we can. The reason, they explain, is thate cyber criminals can access the information of our equipment while doing so.

In general, most public and private establishments offer free Internet connection service. To reach them, they sometimes ask users to register in their database to collect customer information. Even then, Sometimes hackers create their own network To steal data from its victims.

Cyber ​​security company Panda Security explains what it is the strategy that gets its name ‘WiFi eavesdropping’ or eavesdropping attacks: “This involves listening to WiFi in order to trick the victim and connect them to the fraudulent network”.

so they get into the device

The main objective of a cyber attack conducted through WiFi is to achieve Personal and banking information The number of Internet users willing to connect to the Internet. Cybercriminals are able to achieve this thanks to unencrypted and unsecured networks connected to their victims.

Panda Security states that when a user connects to a free network, the device from which they do so redirects them to a portal. Hackers can turn this seemingly legitimate portal into a fraudulent portal to break into devices. To do this, criminals simply require people to agree to the terms of service.

Cybercriminals can access sensitive data of users connecting to public networks.
Cybercriminals can access sensitive data of users connecting to public networks.
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“Cyber ​​Criminals” They name the networks that supply the identity of well-known places or companies. Those that have a good reputation and which, moreover, are located near the victim’s location so that they seem more reliable – description Harvey Lambert, from Panda Security-. For example, Hotel Madrid Puerta de Alcala. The idea is that it coincides with somewhere nearby to catch an unknown prey.”

The WiFi eavesdropping method allows cybercriminals to retain the data that the user sends as long as it is connected to a public network. this information can be Password, photograph, confidential document etc.

Lambert recommends connecting to a public network only When there is no other possibility. Further, it advises that in no case should they be used “for obtaining bank accounts or any confidential and sensitive information”.

Ideally, use public WiFi networks as much as possible.

How to protect digital identity

The computer security company provides a series of tips that Internet users can follow to protect their identities on the network:

  • use one Red Privatea Virtual (VPN)Especially if you’re going to telecommute.
  • Read Terms and Conditions of the public WiFi network to which you are going to connect before accepting them.
  • disable connection For public networks when you are finished using it.

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