Do you remember Arecibo Observatory? Two years after it collapsed, this is what they want to do with the telescope

In November 2020, the US National Science Foundation (NSF) announced Disruption of the famous Arecibo Observatory300 meter wide radio telescope which was in Puerto Rico.

After years of wear and tear, a support cable broke and a 100-metre-long crack appeared in the dish. In addition, engineers’ evaluations confirmed that the structure was in danger and that the telescope was in danger. fall at any time,

their almost 60 years of experience He had the ability to study the atmosphere and objects in space, but unfortunately, he controlled the telescope to prevent damage.

Sean Jones (Deputy Director of NSF’s Directorate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences) indicated in the AP that the decision not to rebuild Arecibo was based on the fact that There are other radar facilities in the United States. Which can work like a radio telescope.

Two years later, the National Science Foundation announced in a statement that the radio telescope site Will become a STEM-focused educational hub To open in 2023.

NSF’s application does not include support for the reconstruction of Arecibo, but researchers who wish to use the facilities can still propose new projects that complement the new center.

The international organization NSF has released a video of the exact moment in which the Arecibo radio telescope platform collapses.  The structure, which had already suffered structural damage since August, collapsed when the last cable supporting the structure broke on 1 December.

On the other hand, the main objectives of thought are oriented Scientific exploration and better understanding of the universeAdding to the National Science Foundation that “this new educational center opportunity is in line with the guidance provided in the “Chips and Science Act”.

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