Do you remember Christian Nodal? Belinda broke down in CRYING at the live concert for this song. Video

a Song of 2003, was the one who made Belinda will break Weeping in whole concert Live Held at the Fiestas de Octubre in Guadalajara, the video began to go viral on social networks as, in addition to thanking fans for their love and support through tears, many Internet users suspected that the melody Remembered One Christian Nodal,

as a result of a breakup Belinda Thief Christian Nodal, the singer did not comment on this, leaving the press and paparazzi to launch a little investigation about the reason for the separation, so thousands of theories and rumors began to spread. That’s why the actress decided to move to Madrid for a few months, not only to recover from the ongoing media war in Mexico surrounding their romance, but also to start a television project on Netflix alongside the series. eden

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