Do you want to know how much your neighbor earns? There is an official tool for gossiping the average income of municipalities in Spain

The National Statistical Institute has published several maps on its website showing the median income. per capita, per household or by percentage of population in Spain. With the data these graphs collect as they were in 2020, users can know whether they charge more or less than the average of their neighbors.

The maps are fairly simple to understand: municipalities marked with warm colors are the ones with the lowest incomes and those with the greenest colors the highest. Reds earn on average between 13,645 and 21,604 euros per year, while green is the average Between 34,698 and 83,337 Euro per year,

If you click on a specific area, the INE map gives details of the average net income per person, household or other attribute, and the name of the municipality. Mainly, maps show that The north of the country has better averages than the southWith few exceptions.

Users can also see through maps provided by the INE website Names of Spanish roads, rivers and mountain ranges, However, household income data may not be known in such detail and the maps only gather information by municipalities or districts, but not by neighborhoods.

This interactive map shows you the typical dishes of each country.

This is not the first time that the map allows us to discover curious facts about the municipalities or places where we live. In 20BITS we talked about websites that show how a neighborhood is viewed from the outside or which historical figure is most famous in a city or town.

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