Does Victoria Ruffo hate her daughter-in-law Paola Dalle? Pic sparks rumors of potential rivalry

Victoria Ruffo She is one of the most beloved Mexican actresses on the small screen, although her personal life has been filled with various scandals, especially those related to her relationship with eugenio derbezgiven as a result jose eduardowho is currently quite a man and who recently celebrated three years of relationship paola daleA beautiful model and influencer.

However, much has been speculated about the relationship between the mother of “Frozen Income” actors With beautiful model, which became relevant this afternoon paola dale Share a picture in which she is seen on a Christmas card with her partner and her mother-in-law.

In this image, the happy family can be seen in the company of Santa Claus, which left fans impressed paola dale, who quickly added “What a Beautiful Family!” Like a barrage of messages started. and “they look so cute.” Even the reactions came to this picture jose eduardo derbez and Alessandra Rosaldo, who “liked” the image.

This is the original picture, the same one shared by Paola Dalle

However, among some users who closely follow the lives of the Derbez family, it is surprising Victoria Ruffo He also shared the same picture, only with some modifications, and no, it is not an edit where he makes his face look younger, but something simpler, a simple crop.

a) yes, Victoria Ruffo decided not only to remove Paola Dalle from the picture but his son jose eduardo derbezWith which only she and Santa Claus were left in the image, leading to speculation of a possible rivalry with her daughter-in-law, with whom there were already rumors that she did not have a good relationship.

Victoria Ruffo cropped her son and daughter-in-law from a photo posted on her Instagram account

“Happy! Santa Claus and I deserve! Nice couple!”, put Victoria Ruffo Earlier, in the description of the image that he published on his official Instagram, several users came out in defense of the handsome protagonist of “Corona de Lagrimas”, arguing that of course he only cut others because he was a Only picture wanted character Christmas.

In fact, he pointed out that if there really were differences between the “queen of soap operas” and paola dale They couldn’t even go out with family nearby jose eduardo derbezAssuring that they, in fact, have a cordial relationship which they prefer to keep out of the limelight.

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