Donna Cuquita reveals why she endured infidelity to Vicente Fernandez

donna cuquita gave an interview for the program “the sun rises”, where he responded to the criticism he had received for tolerating his infidelity Vicente Fernandezwho died 12 December 2021.

“Don Vicente loved everything from girls to popsicles. And as I always said, By the gate of the field till here was my husbandAlthough they criticize me, they criticize me, I don’t care because I ain’t gonna take care of a gentleman, take care of him and go after him“, noted the widow of the singer.

Kuita said that he did not force the artist to be with him, because he always knew what place he was occupied in his life.

“He was very He knew where I was, what place I had, He knew so well that he never left, if he wants to leave, who stops them? Who stops the men? Nobody, in fact, nobody stops them,” he said.

Vicente Fernandez’s widow noted that she still thinks the same way she did some time ago about the dynamics of her marriage.

,They always did what they wanted and did very well, even if they criticize me, I’m still in the same positionNo,” he added.

Donna Cuquita also told about the series that talks about the life of the singer.

“I haven’t turned on the television again since I took Vicente to the hospital. Vicente’s series didn’t grab my attention at all“, Told.

In the end, the artist’s widow thanked Vicente Fernandez’s fans for the gestures of affection they sent her.

“Keep on giving thanks and thanks, don’t forget it, remember that Vicente is here. Every time you want to see him, Vicente is here, a prayer, a song, I don’t know, he will always be there for his audience” , he concluded.


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