Don’t Get Bitten: The Tax Agency Won’t Pay You 461 Euros, It’s A Phishing Scam

The National Police has warned on its Twitter profile of a new scam that replaces the tax agency. In the published tweet, he has asked the users to be careful of that SMS Notifies tax refund of 461 euros via a link.

cyber criminal use method phishing And they change the entity to trick victims into clicking on the URL embedded in the message.

The link is ‘supposed’ to be a refund form, but in case of following the indicated steps, we inform 20bits that cyber criminals may Get personal and bank details to steal money,

In case of accessing the link to get ‘reimbursement’, you can follow the following steps as suggested by INCIBE:

  • Contact your bank to inform them of what happened and cancel any possible transactions.
  • If you have provided personal data, such as a telephone number or email, check that you are not the target of another type of scam and that they are not impersonating you.
  • Report the situation to state security forces and bodies.

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