Don’t Get Fooled by Company Dinners: 55% of Internet Reviews Are Still False

The lights are turned on, the trees are decorated and the Christmas carols start playing: The Christmas It’s just around the corner. With it comes festive food and gifts and despite the fragile economic situation, we will spend one more year in these celebrations. but the important thing is to spend wisely,

The advent of new technologies has completely changed the way we perceive purchases. Gone are the days of going through all the stores looking for the right product and best priceoffer in e-commerce It is very widespread and the market forces these stores to compete with the best prices.

NoFakes, a Spanish review certification company, supports responsible consumption and encourages Spaniards not to deprive themselves of enjoyment, but in a ‘wise’ way. That is to say: rely on new technologies to make a good selection of products and services without falling for the internet scams,

Resume company meals by choosing the site well

After two years in which typical company food and drink and year-end celebrations have been marred, It’s time to reclaim this pleasant tradition It creates a good atmosphere and creates a greater sense of team.

It’s likely that many people have forgotten how difficult it can be to organize these events, especially considering that more and more people just want to go to the trendy places that appear. social network, but the truth is that the real odyssey is to find the place, that they have a place for everyone and that the menu also lives up to the expectations. so it’s convenient Make this appointment well in advance and start searching the internet for the best places,

Once again, reviews once again play a fundamental role in decision making. NoFakes CEO Patricia Matey recommends that restaurants and businesses “have Internet Updated, noting that the data shows Positive reviews attract users’ attention And a good assessment can increase sales by 270%”.

More and more users are digitally aware and know how important it is to comment, both positive and negative. According to Seedtag, a leading contextual advertising company, reviews increase by 40% on these dates, although it should not be overlooked that NoFakes ensures that 55% of reviews found on the internet are still false, so it’s essential to make sure comments are verified and from real customers,

Don’t get scammed, buy gifts wisely

The biggest problem with a wide product offering is that it can be overwhelming and decision making can be more complicated than it needs to be. According to NoFakes Review certification experts, Digital shopping is based on two pillars for practically all buyers: price and user ratings.,

Primarily, the price should be commensurate with the intention to spend, but without the prospect of having the product in your hands. 9 out of 10 users visit reviews to verify the satisfaction of other buyers and ensure a good purchase, This simple habit can be defined as ‘smart’ shopping: looking for a product that meets your needs, identifying the best price and checking with reviews onlineThe words of the 21st century, which lives up to the expectations.

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