Due to the beating, Alfredo Edem undergoes emergency surgery; they will do the same to you

actor alfredo adame It had to be emergency operatorAfter the beating they were found at the end of September, when tried to record the shootout Around his house, in Tepepan, in the office of the mayor of Tallapan.

According to a post on his Instagram account, the controversial television host Got the news that he will have to undergo surgery today., The actor also told that the doctor in the surgery Four titanium plates will be installed on the right cheek bone.

“This morning at 08:30, I had surgery on four titanium plates,” he said.

The surgical procedure, which will last about three hours, will be done in Manuel Gay Gonzalez Hospital, Ministry of Health. Adam told that according to the doctors who evaluated his injuries It was important to have surgery as soon as possible Because the injury to his cheek bone may increase.

soap opera actor The blow to the face resulted in four skull fractures. And a possible retinal detachmentDue to which 30 percent of his vision was affected.

In the case of the attack by Alfredo Adam, Mexico City’s prosecutor’s office opens an investigation folder for the offense of intentional hurt caused by assaultAfter a fight between the actor and two men, who were relatives of the woman injured by the bullets.

According to the police report, the three men were in the street. abasolo extension, Valle de Teppén neighbourhood, when two of them, relatives of the said woman, attacked Adam, who responded with a blow; Therefore the three persons were brought before the Public Ministry agent of the Prosecutor’s Office of the Territorial Inquiry in Talpan. However, it was caught on security cameras that Adam was the one who threw the first blow,

Medical certificate issued to three persons shows that Adam resulted in injuries that take more than 60 days to healWhile the other two persons presented injuries, which take less than 15 days to recover, for which the liberty of the accused was valued earlier, the other two will remain at the disposal of the public ministry, which defines their legal status. does.

Adam has been practicing martial arts for many years and even has a certificate awarded by the Mexican Taekwondo Federation. Recently, the television star has been made viral by the movement of “bicycle kick” Which has made him countless memes.

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