Earth 300: The Superyacht That Combines Science and Technology to Combine Scientists and the Rich to Save the Ocean

The ‘Earth 300’ has been designed by Superyacht expert and Barcelona resident Ivan Salas Jefferson. His latest creation is powered by nuclear power and has a circular space with 22 laboratories to study the oceans.

This luxury ship has been built by Singapore’s Gibraltarian businessman Aaron Oliveira. ,Why not take the world’s richest people, pair them with the smartest and smartest scientists, and let them experience firsthand what’s going on?, Oliver Miracle.

The superyacht measures approximately 300 m from bow to stern and has a depth of 60 m. In addition, it stands out for its design in the front (Pro) which houses a grand observation deck.

On the other hand, behind (hard) It consists of a sphere with 13 floors and 22 laboratories inside which are intended to help save the planet. Oliveira confirmed that with Earth 300 he intends to find solutions that help protect the ocean and mitigate the effects of climate change.

This large yacht will first be powered by synthetic and ecological fuels. However, the tycoon has assured that he wants to use A molten salt nuclear reactor so that the earth is completely free from 300 pollution emissions.

This system using nuclear energy from molten salt was developed by core powera British company, with terapowerA Bill Gates Company. The nuclear reactor is still in the development stage, but it will be a carbon-free method.

According to Oliveira, the version of the molten salt nuclear system they will use will be smaller and allow the ship to operate with total energy autonomy.

China is one of the world's largest emitters of industrial gases and consumes more energy per unit of economic output than developed countries.

While the possibility of using a molten salt nuclear reactor is being worked out, The company states that Superyachts are designed to operate 300 days a year. They also state that the ship could potentially generate around $100 million through events or rent it as a set in the movies.

For the more scientific part, Oliveira plans to have a probe studying the ocean during each voyage.Relying on artificial intelligence, robotics, a quantum computer, machine learning and others.

other thing, Earth 300 will also have a fleet of submarines and a heliport So that scientists can explore under the sea or from the air.

Superyachts have a helipad and a fleet of submarines for ocean exploration.
Superyachts have a helipad and a fleet of submarines for ocean exploration.
earth 300

The capacity of this boat is up to 425 people. According to the tycoon, 160 of them will be researchers, while the remaining 165 will be crew members. In addition, Earth 300 will also have space for 20 students selected on the basis of their merit and 20 experts in different fields.

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