Eddie Smalls Responds To Chummel Torres For Mocking The Way He Dresses: “Dredged”

few days ago chumel torres , shared a photo of Eddie Smollow, known as the “fashion guru”, in which the television host appears in a dress with neon pinks and variants of sequins attracted attention, not the description Chummel used, because in the post He had assured that he could not wear such clothes for one simple reason, as his “self-love” had restrained him. The answer was given by a fashion consultant.

When a gap involves two personalities who are known for their controversial statements, we know it will be a media battle and sure news. On this occasion it was the presenters of “Alpulso de la Repubblica” who started the problem, two days earlier they shared a photo of Eddie Smalls where the driver of “Take care of the camera” was wearing a pink dress.

Photo: Twitter.

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Smol is characterized by wearing risky clothing, which is, for the most part, accompanied by a set of all kinds of goggles and a hat, a fact that has become a source of ridicule for some on the social network, who Answered a question from a user who questioned what prevented them from dressing like Eddie; Chummel was one of those encouraged to respond, saying it was about his self-esteem.

It was this reaction that caused the fashion expert’s annoyance, so he decided not to remain silent and confront Torres in more than one publication. First, the driver gestures to Chummel to give him something to talk about and to lean on him to meet his followers on his social network.

Furthermore, Small suggests that Chummel is not encouraged to “come out of the closet” and that this is the real reason that prevents him from being who he is:

“(…) Come out of the closet, you obsess over me. Look, to “consider” on me secretly, is already being dragged too much, ” replied Smol.

But not satisfied with showing his disgust at Torres’ remarks, the next day the “fashion guru” shared a photo of Chummel, in which he is seen cross-legged, wearing a black T-shirt, a red scarf around his neck, jeans . Was tinted which gave the impression of being splattered with tiny droplets of paint and goggles.

Smol with a picture of Torres with the following description:

“Now we paint the whole house together and pink.”

Photo: Twitter

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