Edith Gonzalez’s widower shares a tender photo to announce the arrival of twins in her life

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Lawrence Lazo, widower of Edith Gonzalez, shared the great news with all her followers: it is about the birth of her grandchildren, the twins that her daughter Lorenza had with her husband, Diego Bali,

In August, The Economist announced the good news of her first-born pregnancy and shouted her joy from the rooftops via her social network, a space in which she took the opportunity to welcome new members of her noble family.

Lawrence Lazo He debuted as a grandfather in July 2020 and two years later he shared his joy again, posting a tender photo showing the baby clothes with two lovely stamped phrases: double trouble and earring twins, confirms Having said that they were twins.

Without going into further details from this post, lorenzo Lazzo engaged his followers by writing, “The kids have arrived.” Lazzo reiterated the feeling of seeing the moment, adding another response, saying, “Welcome my grandchildren.”

As expected, the reactions were immediate and his followers sent him congratulations and best wishes for his family ahead of this new phase.

after the death of Edith Gonzalez In June 2019, Lorenzo Lazzo took to life with the most positive attitude and surely his grandchildren will give him many smiles.

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