Eduardo Capetillo Could Follow in His Brother’s Footsteps, He’s Doing Better Financially

Edward Capetillo

Eduardo Capetillo has two brothers, both appearing in the artistic field and soap operas, however, the world of entertainment did not seem to fit his life plans, so he left the medium, but not before making the Capetillo surname famous. And despite the fact that it seems that Eduardo has a perfect life, he may feel “jealousy” for the one of them who does not spend much as the head of the family.

According to El Heraldo de México in its United States edition, Eduardo Capetillo has a fortune of about $8 million, and he may be the eldest of three brothers, among other things, he is with Bibi Gaetan, who consolidates both. Is. Luck.

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Although Eduardo Capetillo is the wealthiest of the three brothers, he is the one who needs to spend the most and risk some capital, as his children are growing up. For his part, Guillermo Capetillo, who was also a prominent figure in the soap opera and remained an actor for many years, decided to leave show business and dedicate himself to real estate.

Manuel Capetillo, the one who turned acting into propaganda

On the other hand, the one who is doing less well is Manuel Capetillo, but due to his job as a Catholic Preacher, he cannot afford as much as his other brothers, which would lead them to be a little jealous of Manuel Capetillo. , who could have saved a considerable amount of money from it. His income is moderate, however, his influence may increase because of what he does.

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