Eiza Gonzalez exudes elegance and beauty with a pale pink dress

eza gonzalez She is one of the most admired actresses not only in Mexico but also in India Hollywood And it is in recent years that his talent has crossed boundaries as he is currently working only in the neighboring country, where he has bagged important roles in the film industry.

But not only his acting talent has inspired him to open a place America, as its bearing, elegance and Latin beauty has also appeared in important brands of clothing, jewelry and accessories. She is currently the ambassador of the famous Italian household BulgariaThat is why we have recently seen him using his articles.

Just a few hours ago, she shared a picture while modeling. said brand jewelryBut her style impresses those who watch her, because if we talk about trends and style, Eeja is one of those women who have always been known to take fashion to the first level.

On this occasion, he added A, in. decided to wear a long dress as pale pink that makes her cinnamon skin stand outThe beautiful look features a plunging V-neckline with a small bow for the perfect touch. But her outfit is not complete without her classic brown hair which she always arranges in a different way, few days back we saw her with fringe on her forehead and this time she appeared with straight hair on one side.

Of course, the picture sparked a wave of praise and admiration for her in comments in both English and Spanish to let her know how beautiful she is and how great this elegant dress looks.

Eiza Gonzalez debunks rumors and reveals if she’ll be coming to Marvel with “Daredevil”

Eiza González continues to add success in Hollywood where she conquers with her talent and tremendous beauty in front of the cameras, which is why a rumor emerged strongly that she would join the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) with the next installment. Will go “Daredevil: Born Again”.

Last July, it was revealed that the actress would be part of the cast in a production expected by fans of the film. superheroes, However, contrary to what anyone thought, it sparked a wave of negative comments and constant harassment from haters who accused her of “stealing” the role.

Looking at this actress “Don’t worry, I’ll take care of you” She decided to share a message on her Twitter account where she clarifies that she hasn’t been signed on for the series, though she didn’t rule out that at some point in her career she would play a superhero. Because it will make him feel honored. Meanwhile, he wished success to those who would be a part of the cast.

“I think I’m going to get it out of the way because firstly I’m confused by the amount of hate it generates and secondly I think it’s going to save people’s energy. No, don’t cast me as Electra Gone Daredevil. I already have an exclusive contract with the series ‘3 Body Problems’. No problem”wrote.

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