‘El Buro’ van Rankin reveals what he knows about the discovery of the remains of Luis Miguel’s mother

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A few weeks ago it was announced that luis miguelo will return to the stage and one of his great friends, JGeorge ‘The Donkey’ Van RankinSaid that the singer is already preparing an album with unreleased songs, in fact she gave him a song to record and she liked it.

The driver also reacted to statements that the remains of the mother Luis Miguel, Marcela Bustry, who is supposed to According to a national magazine, they are found in a mass grave in Spain.

“Actually, I presented him a song that drove him crazy, I don’t know if he recorded it on this album.A wonderful song called If I don’t you my dear Jose Luis Roma gave it to me I gave it to him but then he got mad at me again and there we went with pull and loose said El Buro’ van Rankin told the press that he had attended the wedding of Koç Muniz’s daughter.

George ‘The Donkey’ Van Rankin He said that his new album “El Sol de México” would delight his followers: “I haven’t seen it, but I know he has recorded a new album, he is going to return to the stage with a great album. “


what do you think JayGeorge ‘The Donkey’ Van Rankin Have the remains of Luis Miguel’s mother been found?

about mother Luis Miguel, which has been missing for many decades; According to TVyNovelas magazine, the singer’s brother Alejandro Bastari commented that Bastari is in a mass grave in Spain, to which Van Rankin reacted with great surprise.

“I have no idea about it, how will they find them? … I don’t think they were looking for him. If that’s true, well, it makes me so strong, they finally found the relics and they’ll be at peace.

“I didn’t even hear that note, But it’s strong news that I can’t comment on what I don’t even know“, the actor also said.

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