El Capi Pérez mocks Eugenio Derbez’s accident at the premiere of ‘LOL 5’

The season 5 premiere of ‘LOL México’ brought with it an irrelevant moment for Capy Pérez, who of course decided to make fun of Eugenio Derbez’s recent accident through comedy.

premiere of season 5 LOL: Last One Laughing Mexico Prime Video about to hit the catalog with “Best Losers” from past installments, And to celebrate the comedian’s return, Cappy Perez decided to attack Eugenio Derbez in the midst of his shoulder-destroying accident.

it happened at the premiere of outcry 5 where old drivers come joey Actors from El Valle and Acapulco appeared in media appearances as: ,Vadhir, I fell again, please help me. Here’s Eugenio Derbez from his account, the real one, the real one”Cappy Perez noted imitating Eugenio’s voice.

Uriel Linares / Sensasin LATAM

And that was not all, the television host decided to come with a sling, false eyebrows and … She ended up rolling on the red carpet to make it clear that she had been in an accident! Yes, something that only Capy Perez would have done in the midst of a premiere related to Eugenio Derbez.

Unlike other seasons, outcry 5 will feature the best contestants who haven’t won to date, although that doesn’t mean they’re the worst contestants, On the contrary, these are the ones who won the hearts of the public with their sense of humour.,

Uriel Linares / Sensasin LATAM

The lineup is as follows: Cappy Pérez, Liliana Arriaga “La Chupitos”, El Diablito, Slobotsky, Ricardo Pérez, Ricardo Peralta, Juan Carlos “El Borrego” Nava and Isabel Fernandez.

The new episodes will arrive exclusively in the Prime Video catalog starting next December 16 and, of course, will feature Eugenio Derbez, actor of CODA: Senales del Corazon, No Return Accepted and Dedicated to My Ex, You’ll still be the main driver and sole judge, so some rules will remain in place to make this competition even tougher.

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