El Chavo del 8: the phrase that put this beloved actor of the series to death

One of the favorite shows on Mexican television was undoubtedly “El Chavo del 8”, which was . as was under the characters “Quico”, “La Chilindrina”, “Don Ramon”, “Donna Florinda”, “Professor Giraffles”, To mention a few characters who were the protagonists of this children’s series, they immediately caught the attention of children and adults.

The show became the highest-rated program in Latin America with a huge audience, although many other secondary characters such as the “P” are forgotten.Ati”, “Godinez”, “Ono” hey Jamito “The Postman”.

Jaimito would have predicted his death @AverageMexGuy

This last character is remembered by fans despite not being one of the main characters in the production of Roberto Gomez BolanoYes; However, this shook everyone, as he was an elderly man who always rode his bicycle to deliver his mail to the neighbors, who had a sentence condemning him to death.

Did his sentence predict his death?

One of his most famous phrases was that he had to “avoid fatigue” for any action, which apparently ended the actor’s life, as during a recording 8. want ofwaited for Jamito to show him that he could jump from the fifth step, but he never came down and Chespirito went up to see him; However, the supporting actor had died.

Raul Chatto Padilla plays Jamito “El Postman” Photo: Twitter @falsoboris

In the book by Gómez Bolaos, “Chavo’s DiaryRecalls that when he found Ral Chateau Padilla lifeless, “he was dreaming of something beautiful”, as he seemed happy until he complied with the famous phrase he said over and over again: “I prefer to avoid fatigue” And at that time he was already resting peacefully.

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