El Chavo del 8: This is what Don Ramon’s 10 children look like in real life

boy from 8 One of the most popular programs on Mexican television at times The success of the show is credited to its creator, protagonist, screenwriter and director, Roberto Gomez BolañosKnown as Chespirito, although Roberto’s talent was never questioned, it was the cast of actors who participated in his productions that earned the public’s affection.

The charisma of actors such as Carlos Villagrán embodied in the characters of the series is fondly remembered, however, Ramon ValdesFamous “Ron Damon” possibly the most charismatic performer of all,

Ramón Valdés has many similarities with the character who made him famous.For example, the costumes of Don Ramon and Valdés were practically identical, The actor arrived on set already dressed in faded pants and a black shirtbecause these clothes were part of his own wardrobe, but There is a clear difference between Ramon Valdés and his character And this is in contrast to the series where she only had one daughter, The actor had 10 children in real life.

The family of “Don Ramon” is large, as the actor had 10 children.
credit: Instagram @carmenvaldesjul

The Great Family of Ramon Valdes

Although Don Ramon had only the famous “Chilindrina” interpreted by María Antonieta de las Nieves as a daughter, In real life Ramon Valdes had a large family which included 3 marriagesThe actor had children with each of his partners.

The eldest son of Ramon Valdés was called Raphael was the product of love between the actor and his first wifehermelinda, after “Mr. Ramon” He remarried and in his second marriage he had Claudia, George, Diana and Miguel.Finally, the actor’s third engagement with Araceli Julian was the one that most “expanded” the Valdés family, With his last wife, the actor became the father of Carmen, Gabriela, Esteban, Celine and Araceli.

All the children of “Don Ramon” except Ramon, Carmen and Miguel can be seen in this photo shared by Esteban.
credit: Instagram @estebitanvaldes

Despite having different moms, Ramon Valdes’ children are very closeThey all have a close relationship and they show it every chance they get, “Ron Damon’s” Family Continues To Remember Their Father’s Work With FondnessSharing the actor’s work on his social networks and interacting with fans of the program in his posts.

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