‘El Divan de Valentina’, Mamai in ‘Shrek’ and Nelly Horseman’s best roles since her death

The entertainment industry in our country mourns the passing of actress Nellie Horseman, best known for playing Mamai in ‘El Divan de Valentina’. Now is the time to remember the wonderful roles that he won our hearts.

One of the Canal Once series with which the nineties generation grew up Valentine’s Daywhere many fans met Nellie Horseman, the actress behind Mamai, who was reported to have died this Monday night at the age of 88, For this reason, it is time to recall her extensive and successful acting career, where she was more than our spoiled grandmothers on television, as she featured in titles like Shrek and The Simpsons, a series you can watch on Star Plus. Huh.

The news was shared by the Board of Trustees and the Honorary Council of the House of Actors, IAP Mario Moreno, but it was actress Rossi Aguirre who was one of the first to react with a moving message: “A great lady, admirable, outstanding actress. Super cheerful. Nani to our lovely grandmother Yetta. Light your way”,

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Mamai in ‘Valentina Dewan’

It’s true that Nelly Horseman has always been called Mamai In. will be remembered as Valentine’s Day, the series where he shared credits with Irene Garibay, Giselle Kuri, Irela De Vilers, Nicolasa Ortíz Monasterio and Dino García. His departure made fans miss the episode “Are You Afraid, Mamai?”, where her character faces a serious illness and incidentally touches on issues such as life and death.

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Patti Bouvier in ‘The Simpsons’

Do you remember Patti Bouvier on The Simpsons? She is older than Selma’s twin sister and Marge. Yes, the characters who made Homer’s life impossible, as you can see on Star Plus. Actor and dubbing director Lalo Garza recalled the same thing via Twitter: “How sad, I just learned of the death of a dear dubbing partner, the original voice of Patty the Simpson, Rest in Peace, Dear Nellie Horseman.”

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Women in ‘Shrek’ tournament

There was also the Latin dubbing of the first Shrek film starring Mike Myers, Cameron Diaz and Eddie Murphy, which we remember with smiles on our faces to this day, as Alfonso Obregón and Eugenio Derbez gave it a special touch. Maybe you didn’t know or just didn’t remember, but Nelly Horseman coined an iconic phrase during an ogre battle in front of several royal guards, which lends her voice to a woman screaming: “Kick him with a chair”!Shrek immediately pleased the audience.


Other Roles in the Career of Nelly Horseman

Of course, Nelly Horsman’s acting work went well beyond these great titles, which is why she was featured in La Familia P., alongside Eugenio Derbez and Consuelo Duval. Got credit in luche, as the saying goes, storm woman, wild heart, single dad and series neighborswhere he introduced Carlota in one of his last screen performances.

family so far Nelly Horseman is not mentioned in this regard and the cause of her death has not been disclosed. It is time to pay tribute to one of the actresses who marked an entire generation and went on to become the grandmother of many like the lovely Mamai in El Divan de Valentina.

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