El Paso halts immigration practices in New York and Chicago, citing new eviction policy

Officials in El Paso, Texas, this week shut down the practice of bus transporting migrants to New York City and Chicago, citing a new Biden administration. Policy Designed to prevent Venezuelan migrants from crossing the southern border illegally, a spokesman for the city told CBS News.

El Paso spokeswoman Laura Cruz-Acosta said the Democratic-led Texas city had shut down charter buses of migrants to northern cities, launching an effort this summer to ease overcrowding in its shelter system, a was blown away Venezuelan migrants increase released from US border custody

However, migrant arrivals have decreased since the Biden administration announced last week Cruz-Acosta said it will expel Venezuelan immigrants who enter the country illegally in Mexico, while opening a legal route for a limited number of Venezuelans to arrive at US airports, Cruz-Acosta said .

Because of policies unveiled last week and a reduction in migrant arrivals in El Paso, Cruz-Acosta said, Customs and Border Protection (CBP) “stopped sending migrants to the city this week.” In addition to halting its bus effort, El Paso on Thursday closed a reception center that had been opened to accommodate migrant families issued by federal border officials and allowed to seek American asylum.

In a statement on Thursday, El Paso Mayor Oscar Leiser, a Democrat, said the city was able to declare a state of emergency over migrant influx in collaboration with the White House, the Department of Homeland Security, nonprofits, local counties, and the White House. and officers in Congress. He said the city was “positioned to stand up to our operations as needed” in the event of any change.

“All worked together within their scope towards common goals: decompression efforts, policies to reduce the number of asylum seekers reaching our limits, and to treat each person as we would with each of us. Must be treated with respect and dignity,” Leiser said.

Migrants wait to board the bus in El Paso, Texas
Migrants wait in a queue to board a chartered bus to New York City outside a reception center in El Paso, Texas, on September 22, 2022.

Paul Ratje / Bloomberg via Getty Images

El Paso’s decision to suspend its migrant bus effort will be welcomed by officials in New York City, where Mayor Eric Adams, a Democrat, declared State of emergency on arrival of thousands of migrants brought from the US southern border. New York has scrambled to house migrants in the city’s homeless shelters, renovated hotels and a newly opened tent facility on Randall’s Island.

Since starting the busing effort on August 23, El Paso has carried 10,713 migrants to New York and 3,259 to Chicago, according to city data.

However, El Paso’s move will not affect the separate efforts of Republican state officials in Texas and Arizona. sending migrants In some Democratic-led cities to protest the Biden administration’s handling of the reported migrant fears at the southern border over the past year.

In an operation authorized this spring by Governor Greg Abbott, Texas, thousands of migrants have been resettled in Washington, D.C. New York City and Chicago. Arizona state officials are also moving migrants to Washington, DC

In fiscal year 2022, which ended on September 30, federal officials at the southern border processed migrants. over 2 million timesA tally that includes 1 million removals and a high rate of repeated crossings by similar individuals, CBP data show.

One of the factors driving the record level of migrant fears is the unprecedented number of Venezuelans, Cubans and Nicaraguas who have crossed over to the US border over the past year. The US has struggled to repatriate migrants from these countries due to strained diplomatic relations with their governments.

Last week, however, the US announced that it has convinced Mexico to accept the return of some Venezuelan migrants under Title 42, a Trump-era public health order that allows border officials to request asylum without -Allows crossers to be expelled quickly.

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