“El Vitor” steals the wife of Eduin Caz from Grupo Firme in the middle of a XV-year party

“I have a girlfriend who loves to dance and shakes when the gyro sounds alone and when there’s drumming she grabs my hand and looks for a fight,” says the first part of the new song. in which firm group You joss favell They share microphones, the audio-visual project is now available on digital platforms and Cumbia quickly becomes one of the fan favorites of both artists.

Who wrote “La Belladora”? Jose Alberto Inzunza ,joss favell), and the video music is under the direction of VIP, the groupera stars in the images imitating a XV year party and in addition to the cast was Aduin Kaz’s wife Daisy Anahi and Adrian Uribe with her character as special guests. “The Vitor”.

“#LaBailadora is here!!!!!! I did this version with @grupofirme with everything and the video, and it was MACHINE!!! Thank you all, what a party it was put together!!”, Jose Favela mentioned in his official Instagram account.


The plot of the story in the video shows that Eduin Kaz and Daisy Anahyo On the other hand, they come as party guests, joss favell And a beautiful partner is also a part of the celebration, already a member of the room firm group who pretend to live the night, the birthday girl with her big dress and “the winner” who looks like a master of ceremony.

at the end and after images eduin case And Joss “gets tired” of dancing so much, only to see how “El Vittor” takes the opportunity to take on his partners while achieving his main goal of making all the girls at the party fall in love.


Grupo Firme and its successes

“Event Band” regional mexican was recently featured in Tijuana, Baja CaliforniaThe city that gave birth to them as artists and stood for the most important places Mexico You AmericaDemonstrating thus that they are prophets in their own country.

songs like “came over me”“En Tu Pera Vida” and “Cada Que” are young people who have been placed among the most attractive touring groups in the United States, excluding stars as they were in the first place during 2021. Justin Biber.


me too Mexico City They were ranked as artists that exceeded the number of people gathered in the Zocalo, they managed to host more than 280 thousand in a free concert, they offered thanks to five full foro sols, which He did this in early 2022.

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Compared to Grupo Firme “Canelo” puts together the party of the XV years and they were heroes

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