Eliot Torres reveals what footballers offer him on a date

Yuliet Torres of Guadalajara, thanks to her work on the Only Fans page, is used to showing off her body, talking about her dates and speaking up when her followers leave her questions in the Instagram question box. fan only It is a platform where models upload adult content to the extent that they want and can, it is up to them. Obviously, if they upload a lot of content, they will get more money.

Elliott She’s so beautiful that she quickly gained a following on that platform, as well as on Instagram, a profile that has 10.3 million followers and in which she shares more about her intimate life and interacts with her fans, many followers. Received.

on this occasion the pattern, he took some time to answer his followers’ questions, and among the more than 10 questions he shared, one in particular caught their attention. A follower asked: “Have you ever had a football player or someone offer you money to date?” And between nervous laughs she decided to respond.

His statements left some loose points, but he replied about the price: “If they write me a lot, in fact, they just wrote me now. They write me, but they don’t pay me. another, they offer to pay me for travel to where they are or they come to visit me”. Then she added a description of the characters who talk to her: “Not only football players, singers, musicians, actors, a lot of guys talk to me, but I think it’s normal, right? All the girls text us.” I’m not even going to name them, so there’s no confusion.

Yuliet Torres on the ELO Podcast broadcast.

elliot torres These days he was in a broadcast of the “Ello Podcast” and confessed many of his fantasies to those who were listening to him at the time, and for those who could not hear it, he published an excerpt on his Instagram profile did. In addition, on this same social network, she uploads photos of presentations in which she shows a lot of skin, usually without violating community rules.

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