Ellen Pompeo quits ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ after 19 seasons

After 19 seasons as Meredith Grey, Ellen Pompeo bids her farewell to the character actor who made her an idol for ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ fans.

It’s official, people. ellen pompeo Dr. Meredith Gray Has Already Said Goodbye After 19 Seasons Being the protagonist of Grey’s Anatomy, the last season of which will premiere on Sony Channel in Mexico so they can say “see you soon” as it deserves. There was speculation last week following the events of one of the episodes currently airing in the United States. Meanwhile, you can watch 18 on Star Plus.

The track took place in a trailer to usher in a new chapter. Meredith smiles and walks into a secluded corridor. it ends in another sequence when his co-workers like Miranda (chandra wilson), Richard (James Pickens Jr.), Owen (Kevin McKidd) and dozens of other doctors and nurses prepared a secret farewell for him, Thus follows a toast with Galina to say goodbye to her friends in the hospital.

An era has ended in American television. But not speculating, the actress took to her Instagram to send a sad farewell. ,I am forever grateful for all the love you have shown me as Meredith Gray for 19 seasons., Without all of you, nothing would have been possible. They are the best fans in the whole world. They made the ride so fun and iconic,” he wrote.

The actress appeared in more than 400 episodes In the complete series which you can watch on Star Plus but just before airing a new telecast is rumored of her involvement and reuniting with Patrick Dempsey. Recall that the actor who starred in Dechanted alongside Amy Adams was Derek Shepard, the handsome doctor in many people’s favorite medical drama.


Definitely departs as Meredith Gray

Despite his departure, he never closed this cycle. Allen dropped hopes of reintroducing the character in case of a special episode or a Friends-style reunion. ,I love them madly. It won’t be the first roller coaster to stop. You know the show must go on and I’ll definitely be back (for Meredith)“, he said. Remember that the weather Grey’s Anatomy They are on Star Plus.

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