Elon Musk and Twitter meet to discuss closing purchase of social network

Elon Musk on Tuesday decided to move forward with his $44 million purchase of Twitter, with the intention of his backtracking days before the lawsuit. Although the employer chose to continue with the agreement, trial is ongoing Whereas both the parties involved strive to agree on the final terms of operation.

The social network company wants Musk to guarantee that this time he will honor the agreement. According to American media, a judicial oversight for closing the sale hey interest payment demand If Tycoon continues to delay the purchase.

Musk’s lawyers had tried to delay the trial on several occasions, however, their efforts were in vain and the date has been kept. until 17 October. Despite the fact that the businessman is now willing to pay, Twitter has not withdrawn the lawsuit over Musk’s attempt to breach his contract and not pay a $1 billion fine.

Although the trial is going on now, Twitter’s lawyers have agreed postpone a meeting He planned to interrogate Tesla’s CEO to prepare for the test.

Musk tried to downgrade the deal

Before abandoning and resuming Twitter purchases, the Times claims that Musk tried asking for discounts of up to 30% without success. Afterwards, the two sides focused on talks about 10% reduction Which didn’t even seem to persuade the company.

Facing disapproval by Twitter, Musk surprised himself by agreeing to honor the original terms of the contract. His intention was to avoid trial.

Elon Musk has decided to cancel the purchase of Twitter because he believes the social network has provided false information and hid essential data from him.

According to some expert analysts, this scuffle between Twitter and the billionaire The value of social networks has been damaged. This could cause the banks that Musk used to pay $44,000 million to become reluctant to put the money in.

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