Elon Musk confirmed the purchase of Twitter and assured that he does it “for the future of civilization”.

Elon Musk has published a statement on his Twitter account confirming the acquisition of the social network After several months of indecision. The tycoon who owns SpaceX and Tesla assured that he is doing it “for the future of civilization”.

The businessman signed a deal with the social network in which he promised to pay $ 44,000 million in the spring. However, he backtracked on the excuse that the bots that Twitter claimed looked like they could be more.

After several conversations that we talked about in 20BITS, it looks like Musk has finally turned his hand. The most important reason to explain his decision to agree to buy Twitter rather than continue with the lawsuit “The Future of Civilization”: “Having a common digital class where a broad spectrum of beliefs can be debated in a healthy way.”

has been announced one day before the deadline That the judge of the trial asked to open the process if the billionaire did not formalize the purchase of Twitter.

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