Elon Musk decides to pay 44,000 million agreed by Twitter

A few days before the trial of Twitter and Elon Musk, it looks like the businessman has given up willing to pay for the purchase of the platform, According to Bloomberg TV journalist Kelly Leinz, the billionaire wants to continue with his initial agreement to pay $44,000 million for the social network.

The tycoon refused to continue the contract until Twitter showed evidence that the application did not contain as many bots as some experts had claimed. Leaning Back, Moscow Had to pay $1,000 million in fines And, since he didn’t want to do that, there was going to be a trial that couldn’t happen in the end.

Paying $44 billion for Twitter would mean that Musk would pay $54.20 per share. The social network’s price has gone up as Leinz’s news escalates 12% missing in a bag.

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